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After a good night of sleep, with the windows open, we sat together sipping coffee and discussing our proposed route back to Missouri in April.

Marilyn wanted to go for a walk but I wanted to return to Mexico in order to exchange several DVD movies which were bad quality.

As I was getting ready to go, Ted stopped by and agreed to go along. He wanted to go over to Mexico anyway, to purchase some meds he forgot yesterday.

I always enjoy Ted’s company so we headed out, chatting back and forth.

Suddenly Ted said “Crap!” or something like that!

He had forgotten his passport. Well, that was no problem since we had not crossed the border yet.

I turned around and headed back to the resort. Ted was thinking out loud and remembered that his passport was in Sue’s purse and she was at the golf course, playing in a tournament.

As I headed to the golf course we saw Marilyn walking the golf course road, so we paused to chat for a moment, actually just long enough to explain what we were doing.

After crossing the levee, we saw Sue and she confirmed where Ted could locate his passport.

Before long we were back on course and headed south to Mexico.

Not long after that, we had exchanged three movies for me and one for Ponch. Then we stopped to get the meds for Ted and were back on the north side of the border.

We decided to detour to the nearest “Whataburger” for a quick lunch before returning to the resort. Ted & I both really like the food at Whataburger. Ted says he would like to open a franchise in Minnesota.

Owen stopped by for a visit and to discuss some plans for a get-together later in the week.

In the middle of the afternoon, Ted, Ponch and me rode bikes to the pool hall, where Ponch proceeded to hold class on the art of shooting pool. He was easily far better at the game than Ted or I, but we all had a really good time, laughing and cutting up. I told the other two guys that the best thing about my pool game was the bike ride to the pool hall. LOL

Marilyn sat outdoors with her book for awhile, then fixed some baked pork chops and scalloped potatoes from Linda Payne’s recipes for our dinner. As I write this, they smell delicious. Thanks Linda!

We’ll watch a little TV this evening, and get another good night of sleep. The weather is nearly perfect each day, now, so we’ll probably sleep with the windows open wide again tonight.

Life is Good!

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