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Volcan Osorno near Puerto Varas

Lidia with black lava, snow & ice

Even some green stuff has taken hold here

Now where did I put those platform hiking boots ?

Hotel Petrohue

Petrohue waterfalls cutting thru black lava - lava factory behind

More Petrohue and lava factory

Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Varas

Sagrado Corazon interior

Casa Kuschel in Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is the most modern town in Chile in which we have spent time. It is clean, picturesque, small enough to easily move around in, and conveniently located near some fabulous natural scenery and locations.

Volcan Osorno, at 2600 meters high is often comapred to Mt. Fugi; snow covered, conical shape. We hiked up to the snow line, across black lava terrain. It was hot ! Many tourists use the ski area chair lifts to easily gain access to the views; we decided instead to hike. Downhill was easier !

The rapids and cascades at Petrohue were also an interesting sight, with the churning, foaming, rushing water cutting thru the once molten lava fields. It is so obvious to see that the lava flowed liquid before cooling; very different than the spewed, scattered black rocks on the sides of the volcano where we had hiked.

Next on to Temuco in order to break up the journey to Santiago.

At Deception Bay in the Antarctic we had reached 63 degrees south latitude; by Santiago we`ll be back to 33 degrees south latitude.

Ciao for now

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