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Inside the St. Cyrielle Cathedral

My friends Jen, Joanna and Jenna by the bridge in Albi!

Since it's been a few days since I wrote here, a surprise, pictures! I did try to put at least one of me (since all of you know me a least a little better than my friends here :) ) but tripjournal seems to think most of my pictures are too big. So...guess you have to check out facebook!

But ok, so, this weekend I took the first little trip that is always so much fun! We chose Albi, a small town about an hour away from Toulouse that is known for it's cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec museum. The train was easy to figure out, we got to buy our tickets on a machine, which meant we could go back and try over and over again-and we could do it in English. Bonus points :) I took a nap on the train, to be refreshed for the museum, which was our first step.

As soon as we got to Albi I realized a really wonderful fact. My friend Jen is quite directionally-talented. By the end of the day the three of us would just follow whatever way Jen said to go, and you know, she only led us wrong once, when she had never been in this town either. It was impressive. Another wonderful talent of Jen's is an appreciation and great knowledge of art. She told us all kind of cool things about Henri Toulouse-Lautrec while we looked through the museum. I'm not much of one for museums, but this one was really cool. I like what Lautrec did, keeping things realistic while using color to convey the impression of movement or emotion. Lautrec was a master at motion, there are some incredible pictures. So that was a nice morning, but the museum closed between noon and 2pm. Oh gee thanks France, everyone gets their lunch break.

Not daunted, we skipped off to the farmers market that seems to exist in every town of France. We found the usual (yet still incredible) spread of cheese, veggies, fruits and meats. There was one seller with spices and olives that the other girls were entranced by, it reminded me of Istanbul :) We took our treasures to the river and had a cute little picnic on a bench.

Well nourished, we continued to the cathedral of St. Cyrielle (I think that is the name...). Ok, to be exact first we found an adorable little cloister with a chapel attached, we literally just found it on the street. That was lovely! Then we moved on to the giant chapel, where Jen fell in love with the mix of gothic and romanesque styles. Then you walk inside...and I dare anyone to keep their jaw from dropping. St. Cyrielle is still painted the way all cathedrals were 500 years ago, and it is a stunning site. The picture I put up is my favorite of a wall and the stained glass, I wish I could put up the stunning blue alter and aspe of the church. It was incredible and detailed, so very beautiful. That was a lovely cathedral, it really spoke to me. I love the feeling of beauty and calmness and peace you can find in some churches, and there I could also feel the history of thousands of people who had used this building for one peaceful, joyous use. It was a spectacular experience.

When we finally had enough of the cathedral we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Albi, taking the scenic route (on purpose, truly!) to the train station. We left from a different one then we came in to, and for a little while, we were worried it was actually abandoned. There was really nothing there. But no, the train came, just at the time it was supposed to. Then it was time for a peaceful trip back to Toulouse.

All in all, a great day trip! Highly recommended :) Hope everyone is well! Leave me comments, write me messages, I would love to know how everyone is doing! Take care, I love and miss you all!

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