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After a quick visit to the incredibly long and surprisingly intact Roman aqueduct in Evora, we were off again.

Now, we keep a very close eye on the old weather app on the phone, and it wasn’t looking good. The plan had been to cross over to Lisbon and the west coast for a few days, but it was forecast very bad weather for at least a week. We really didn’t fancy it, and so decided to (again) cut our losses and leave Portugal, heading east into Spain again. Hurray! We love Spain.

Of course, it would have been good if I hadn’t bought ten Portugese stamps in Evora just before we left, and it would have been even better if I hadn’t stuck most of them on my postcards and didn’t remember about them until we were well into Spain, but anyway.

So, hola Spain, again. We came in via Badajoz, and headed into the vast plains of the Extremadura region. This is incredible country (even in the rain). It’s simply huge, and seems to be very thinly populated, with nothing for miles except the odd estancia, and the region has a long and interesting history for us to get our teeth into.

We have set up camp in the town of Caceres, at a great campsite where each pitch has its very own little cabin with a private bathroom! I’ve read about this in the Sunday Times! Glamping! I like! Weather is still rubbish but it’s due to get better tomorrow so we can get out and about.

Now, I’ve got some soup on, and it’s nearly ready, so I’ll away.

Hasta luego chicos.

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