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We got a taxi to an area called Seminyak. From research we have learned that out of the three built up areas Kuta, Legion and Seminyak, it seems the best place to go. We were dropped in the town on a busy main road, again not big enough to accommodate the vast traffic. Unlike Thai Islands, Bali is full of Balinese racing around on motor bikes and working the streets.

We left Joss with our bags and went off in search of the perfect place to stay as its Pete's 30th birthday tomorrow and we want to stay somewhere nicer than usual to celebrate. We viewed 5 or 6 places and were interested to see we were being offered villas instead of rooms at a really reasonable rate. Finally we found THE perfect place. A beautiful peaceful complex with a gorgeous stretch of lawn and a small swimming pool surrounded by a water fountain and many trees bursting with flowers. The terraced villa had a large downstairs with open plan kitchen, dining and living room. Back door with Patio and front garden with a seating area. Two fully furnished bedrooms were upstairs and the beds are four poster and covered by white curtains. It certainly is a charming place and having a kitchenette so we can cook is a great way to escape any tummy upset.

We spent the day lounging by the pool. It is so hot here, more hot than anywhere else and the humidity feels about 100%. We stocked up in the supermarket in the afternoon and enjoyed our villa and living room in the evening...

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