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We hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day. My valentine and me, drove to the Mexican border after going by to pick up Ted & Sue this morning.

Ponch & Pat and another lady, named Gail (I’m not sure how she spells her name) joined us on the Mexico side of the border, and we all walked south along the sidewalk, to the Bakery.

We selected a delicious pastry, and hot coffee was brought to our table. We listened to the Mariachi music and got into the spirit of things, with everyone having a good time.

We split up after that. Sue, Marilyn and me went for Pedicures, Ted got a shoe shine, Ponch shopped for new glasses and Pat & Gail went shopping.

My feet felt great as I went down the street to purchase some new movies. I selected seven new movies and found that 4 of them were keepers. Of the other three, one was in Spanish only, even when English was selected, one would not play at all, and the other was a movie we already have in our collection.

I’ll take the three rejects back some time this week.

The entire group of us were together again as we all reunited at Garcia’s Restaurant, above the Canada Store.

Marilyn, Ponch and me all ordered the Crab Stuffed Shrimp, and Ted ordered a Mexican Plate. Several of the ladies ordered chicken salad and I’m not sure what else, but the meal was quite good.

After this fine lunch we all scattered again as Ponch, Pat and Gail continued to shop in one direction, while Marilyn and Sue searched for a certain jacket, and Ted shopped for Movies, while I picked up some Vanilla and some meds.

We were soon back across the border and headed for the resort.

Marilyn chose to lay outside in the sun, with her book, while I went inside to check out the movies. Ted mentioned that he was going to wash his car and maybe go to the swimming pool, while Sue was off to the golf driving range to hit some balls.

It has been a very nice Valentine’s Day.

Now it is time to simply relax and enjoy a peaceful day in this awesome 80 degree weather. I must admit……Life is Good!

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