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We were ready to face the day after sipping our coffee this morning. At least Marilyn was. She cleaned the kitchen and I helped her change the linen on the bed, and then she put a load of laundry in and took off for a walk.

I am still just a tiny bit under the weather so I didn’t walk with her, but started on our taxes and paid a bill that was due.

Later I changed into shorts for the day, as it reached the mid 70’s today. Actually it was quite warm inside, even with all of the windows open and a nice, gentle breeze blowing through the RV.

I later rode the bike down to the mailbox area, stopping to talk to Ponch for a bit.

Marilyn came along at that time also. Ponch & Pat might go to Mexico with us tomorrow.

I took some meds and felt a little better so I drove the truck over to “Splash” Car Wash and had the truck all washed. It looks pretty good now!

I then spoiled a perfectly good day by driving over to Walmart to pick up a couple of items we forgot yesterday.

I parked about as far away from the entrance as possible, and was greeted by what I thought was someone playing country music on their radio, as loud as the radio would go. However, there was a live country band performing outside the Walmart.

Inside, it was a nightmare of people, kids and carts!

Every open check-out had people standing in line all the way back into the shopping areas.

Of course, less than half of the available check-outs were actually open.

One poor lady, in front of me, had only purchased a camera, but the registers were not working in the back of the store, so they told her it would be waiting for her at checkout number 12. We were so far back that I’m not sure how many people were in front of us, but the lady wanting to pick up the camera had a huge lady with three kids and a grocery cart heaped full of grocery items, in front of her.

It was a pleasure to get out of there, I can tell you that!

Back at the RV, I was surprised to see 2:45 on the clock. Somehow, time had gotten away from me today.

I grilled a couple of burgers for our late lunch/early dinner.

I ate mine with onions and bleu cheese.

We had chips and veggies to go with the hamburgers and that chased the hunger pangs away.

Marilyn cleaned up the kitchen again and then we relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Jennifer called and let us talk to Lauren, who now says “Papa” quite clearly. In fact, as I talked to her she said it numerous times. Does that make me feel good? Well Yeah!

So, another awesome day in the RGV comes to a close.

Tomorrow we’ll cross the border into Mexico, for some shopping, food and drink. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures for you when we return.

Life is Good!

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