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This lake is on the property, about 1/4 mile from my site.

2nd half of the previous photo, looking to the right.

I guess that says it all.

Same lake, just an edge shot.

Edge shot the other direction. Campground is off to the right.

Rather peaceful, don't you think? This is pretty much the extent of...

Central Florida

Hey, we (well, I) made it!! This will be my headquarters for the next 3 weeks. The Orlando Thousand Trails park is about 13 miles south of the town of Clermont, which is basically due west of Orlando. In other words, I’m in the middle of the state.

Today was finally WARM! This morning it was 27 degrees in Madison, and when I arrived here, it was around 70 – and climbing. After getting the trailer set up, I had a chance to go explore the park, and take a walk. It was really nice to take a walk on a nice warm day for a change, instead of the mid-30’s over at Colorado River. The park here has around 850 sites, so it’s like a small town.

There are a number of amenities in the park, and they have a number of planned activities – not that I’ll take in much Bingo, or do craft things, or shuffleboard, but at least there are things to do if you want.

There are a couple lakes here, but only one that is “boatable”. The others are either pretty swampy, or very small – one of which is a catch and release pond. Of course, even though there is a very small sandy beach, there is also a sign that warns against swimming, as there may be alligators present!

My location in the park is towards one corner, and is much more wooded than the other areas. When I checked in, there was just a big board with available sites, and all I was interested in was one on the outside, so considering this was selected sight unseen, I feel good with where I am. These also have a little more room between neighbors, in addition to some bushes and trees.

Since today was a really nice day, I decided to break out the BBQ, which has been under mothballs for a few weeks. Was nice to get outside and have a nice steak. My other pampering thing today was to treat myself to some ice cream. The community building was open longer tonight, due to bingo, so I walked down after dinner.

I also took walk earlier, and while I did see one Armadillo, I’m not quite sure what was making the noises in the bushes as I was going by! And I wasn’t going in to find out!!

Other than another long drive, it was a fairly nice day in the long run.

Travel Time: 9:15 am – 1:30 p.m.; 4 hrs, 15 min.

Distance: 194 miles

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