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6 Feb '11

So Margret, Ali, Mike, Holly, Lottie (Margret's name for Charlotte) & I all piled into the car and started on our way to Sydney. Just after starting there was a scream! It was Margret. We all looked at Margret and there was a spider on her leg as big as a your fist. Ali immediately jumped on the brakes and came to a screaming halt. Mike jumped out & bravely grabbed the spider and tossed it to the side of the road. All of our breathing returned to normal and we carried on.

Ok, so I took a little poetic license on the above story and maybe exaggerated a touch! But it was basically true. Here is how it really went. Margret said “oh look at this cute little spider on my leg, we should put it outside”. It was about the size of your small finger nail. Ali in total agreement calmly pulled over and Mike took the spider and set it free, then we continued on our way to Sydney. Boring eh!

After about an hour or so we arrived in Sydney, parked the car and walked across the bridge over Darling harbour. As it was to early to check into the Sheraton Hotel that we had booked, we left our overnight bags with them, and were off to the Sydney Aquarium. This place is just awesome to use the kids word.

Rather then trying to paint a mental picture of the Aquarium I will just down load a bunch of pics.

We spent a bunch of hours there. Then off to the Wild Life Centre.

Amazing reptiles and bugs and spiders and other sorts of creepy crawlies here. Kangaroos, and a real live Crocodile named Rex. I am sure glad he was behind glass enclosure and fed well. They tried to have him mate with two female companions, but he killed them. I think that maybe they should put in a male with him, as perhaps he is gay!!

In both the Aquarium and the Wild life World were all kinds of life size statues, animals etc made out of leggo, including a 600 Kilo shark!

We checked into the hotel at Darling harbour, and shortly afterwards Mike, Ali & Girls left for home.

Margret and I decided to go to China town for a meal. While we were in that area, the Chinese people were forming up for a parade. Guess who didn't have their camera with them? Our camera was in the hotel charging up as with all the pics we took at the Aquarium and Wildlife world wore out our battery. However we didn't stay for the actual parade anyhow, tired. We had a great meal, returned to the hotel. At about 10 there was a fireworks display on the harbour, we didn't have the energy to watch it anyhow. All this was in aid of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Tired g'nite.

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