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Well my my my, would you look at the date! That's right, a month ago today I was holding Sasha's hand as the plane landed in the airport at Toulouse and stumbling out of the gate to meet my host family. Aaah, what a day that was.

Today, to mark my one month anniversary, I went on a splendid run by the river (to avoid going through streets I went back and forth along the same part of the river, I think I entertained some french people) I could get off on a tangent about running right now, but I'll save that. Then I came home, did some cover letter writing for the summer (it's so stressful) and went to lunch with some friends. We went to our favorite sandwich/kebab place which is incidently three minutes from my house. Unfortunately it is much farther from Sasha and Anna's house, so I had to wait for them. I complained about this to Sasha while she was getting her sandwich and the guy at the counter said, in flawless English "do you want me to heat yours up again?" Ha-that's what I get for thinking I'm safe by mumbling. Some people have really good English. Sandwiches in hand, we went back to the banks of the Garonne to enjoy the 60 degree sun. I could fall in love with Toulouse for its weather right now. 60 degrees and sunny in February? Yes please. Still, it's like falling in love with someone for their looks, I shouldn't do that. After Sasha and Anna reluctantly abandoned the sun for drawing class I meandered to the Dickinson Center to correct a paper I am working on. Then came an intense hour and a half, closer to two, with my french tutor. Luckily some friends were up for a quick aperatif before dinner :)

Haha, wait, dinner was awesome tonight. First I came back and my host mom was busy in the kitchen, so after we talked for a bit I said I'd go upstairs and put my stuff down. I started reading and then my phone was my host dad texting me to come down to dinner :) Better then yelling up the stairs? Maybe. My host brother received the same text and for once it was all five of us eating together! Dinner was awesome, a carrot salad and pasta and steak and red wine. My host family gave me all sorts of opinions on where I should travel and quarreled among themselves, it was cute. After dinner my host mom showed me how to do laundry, and now I have my first load in! Another important step in France :)

It feels good, being here a month. I feel settled. I could count off the things I have now that I didn't have before, but I think I've mentioned them all as I got them. Bank card, phone, student cards (plural), knowledge of the city. I can't get EVERYWHERE in Toulouse, but if you let me use a Metro I can cheat and figure it out :) And for only having lived in my current house a week and a half I am doing wonderful at learning my neighborhood. Haha, last night I went out for a ramble and returned home with two new shirts. It's the soldes though! (There are still giant sales on in France after the Christmas holidays, they get bigger as they end)

Well, as usual I've written quite a lot and am not including any pictures :P Sorry about that, I'll try to get better soon! I miss you all! And I have some postcards...if anyone wants one, gimme your address. Just think now cool a French stamp would be :) Take care!

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