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No wonder I had trouble sleeping last night. The jackhammers worked all...

Restaurant next door - Barbecue Boss.

My hotel - the Tower Inn.

Gorgeous beaded garments in the museum.

Gorgeous beaded garments in the museum.

Gorgeous beaded garments in the museum.

Gorgeous beaded garments in the museum.

Group in national dress of the local people.

Chest, with gorgeous mother-of-pearl inlay.

Details of the chest.

A musical instrument.

Picture of the instrument being played.

Local drums.

Model of a native boat.

Detail of the boat.

Chain belt.

Necklace made from sharks teeth.

Hair jewellery.

Models of various local musical instruments.

Simple but effective piece of woven artwork.

Jun waiting in the car for us, by the park.

Traffic, still pretty chaotic getting out of town.

Traffic, still pretty chaotic getting out of town.

Front of the school that Sofie's Mum co-owns.

Looking into the school playground.

Colegio de san ignacio.

The door to Rose's office.

Two lovely students.

Rose, with the kindergarten class and their teacher.

Girls playing ball, in the playground.

Another junior class.

Perfect frangipanni.

Gate to a large outdoor church dedicated to the Infant Jesus.

Please be quiet.

You want to petition for your prayers, here is where to do...

You want to petition for your prayers, here is where to do...

The confessional.

A very serene place.

Another religious icon.

The main chapel.

Religious items.

I loved the words of this.

More icons.

The whole area is green, restful, peaceful and spacious.

The whole area is green, restful, peaceful and spacious.

No idea who the statues depicted, but they were pretty impressive.

More of the open lawns.

Odd looking tree.

Fruit on this tree. Will have to find out what it is.

The whole tree.

And some fruit on the ground. Did not smell very sweet, but...

Man tending his cattle on the hill.

More of my favourite flowers.

Cattle, taking it easy, as cattle do.

Jack fruit tree.

The tree has loads of fruit.

Rough, simple dwelling on the walk down to Jack's Ridge.

Must be getting close to the resort, it is decorated along the...

Lush tropical growth.

Free range chickens at Jack's Ridge.


Symbold of Davao.

Jack's Ridge information.

Interesting statues in the garden.

The whole area is green, restful, peaceful and spacious.

Looking over the city of Davao.

Some interesting gardens and displays up here.

The inland side of Davao.

Over Davao to the ocean.

Over Davao to the ocean.

Ship outside the port, in the Gulf of Davao.

Ampitheatre at Jack's Ridge.

Some Davao history.

Lookout over the city, from the ridge.

Chinese cemetery.

Lawn cemetery.

So many steps, I think we have gone far enough, because we...

Davao city, as the light fades.

The lights come on, in Davao city.

Jack's Ridge restaurant.

Jack's Ridge restaurant.

Brocolli and beef, grilled belly of tuna.

Sweet and sour shrimp, and chop suey vegetables and noodles.

Our rice portions, mine with the garlic.

Josie, Lady and Jill. Jill has been Sofie's friend since grade three...

Lights of Davao city.

Strings of lights, and stars swinging in the trees.

Strings of lights, and stars swinging in the trees.

Jill and Sofie. A pair of devils I think!! But very nice...

I had a lovely long lie in this morning, which was very welcome. My supposedly 'quiet' room was far from quiet. There was road works being done outside all night, with jack hammers working on and off all night, and general working noises, all of which made it difficult to sleep. So much for having a quieter room, I guess being at the front, on the second floor, is not going to make for a quiet environment.

When I got up, I checked on the Cebu Pacific website, and discovered that I can pre-pay excess baggage, at a much lower rate, than at the airport, so I decided to do that. I had considered mailing the heavier stuff back to myself in China, but this seems to be a much better, and cheaper option.

Sofie was going to come and collect me at 4pm, but rang during the day to change the time to 3pm. Not a problem. I had a lovely cheese omelette for lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had planned to go for a walk, but did not get around to it.

Sofie and Jun picked me up just before 3pm, and we went to the Davao Museum. No tour guide this time, so we could take our time, and enjoy what we were seeing. This museum seems to focus on the Portuguese and Spanish influence, both in religious and civic life, for the Filipino people.

Next we drove on to Rose's school, to collect her from work. Her school is not very big, or very fancy looking, but they have over 700 students, ranging through from kindergarten to final year of high school, and appears to be highly thought of.

We drove up over the mountain, to a beautiful shrine to the Baby Jesus. Jun dropped off Sofie and I. and carried on, to take Rose home. The shrine is a huge area, of lawns, and peace. There are many chapels, all open air, with no side walls, all open to the views. It is a very quiet, scenic, and peaceful and calm place. I can see that it would be a wonderful place to go and contemplate, or meditate.

Sofie and I walked to Jack's Ridge, which is also on the top of the same hill. It is high on the hill, and overlooking the city below. Jack's Ridge is where the Japanese retreated to, after the Americans landed, toward the end of World War 11.

There is an almost birds' eye view over the city. The airport is not far away, so planes arriving and departing all pass low over the top of the hill.

We walked about for quite a while. It is a beautiful spot, with the main restaurant, some smaller restaurants, and coffee shops, and the resort. Sofie and I had coffee while waiting for Sofie's friends, then went and secured a table with a view for dinner.

Sofie's friends arrived. They are all lovely. Jill has been Sofie's friend since grade 3 at primary school, Lady is Jill's youngest sister, and Josie is the girls mother. There are four girls in their family, and Jill is the eldest, Lady is the youngest. Lady at age 29 is the only one of them who is married. We had a lot of laughs, they are obviously closs, and joke with each other in a way that only old friends can. Josie took the leftover food home for their dog.

We walked over to the coffee shop, but Lady took a taxi home, before that. I had a delicious slice of cake. The caramel cappucino was delicious, and the very moist chocolate and white chocolate black forest cake was to die for. I certainly did not need it, I was not hungry, but it was totally decadent, and I enjoyed it immensely!!

Jill and Josie were heading in roughly my direction, so we got a taxi and they dropped me off at my hotel at about 10.30, before heading to their house. Sofie left Jack's Ridge on her own, as her house is in the other direction. I had had a wonderful evening. The girls, especially Sofie and Jill are so funny, always teasing, and laughing at, and with, each other.

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