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The Chinese New Year display in the shopping mall.

Our lunch, delicious traditional Filipino food.

Our lunch, delicious traditional Filipino food.

Our lunch, delicious traditional Filipino food.

Jeepneys, the main source of public transport in Davao.

Sofie, in the jeepney.

And me, too, having a ball.

And me, too, having a ball.

San Pedro Cathedral.

San Pedro Cathedral.

San Pedro Cathedral.

School kids, all heading for the confessional.

San Pedro Cathedral.

Religious icons.

Outfit, for the icon.

Bunch of candles.

Davao City Hall.

The eagle, that symbolizes Davao.

Statues, outside the cathedral.

Another colourful jeepney.

Animal statues in a small park.

Entrance to Davao City Museum.

Outside the museum.

Me, and - yes, more rules!

Very colourful artwork.

Historical map of Davao.

Farmers, protesting outside the Bureau of the Treasury.

Flower (?) outside the front of my hotel.

Flower (?) outside the front of my hotel.

Felt more human today, and got up at 8am. I checked emails, etc, while waiting for Sofie. She arrived at 10.30, with their driver Jun.

I had decided that I would see if I could find a better hotel, as this one is not really all that comfortable for 8 nights. We did have a look at three others, in around the same price range, but nothing was worth the effort, so I decided to see if I could move to an upgraded room, in the Tower Inn.

One of our stops was at a pizza shop, where Sofie wanted to buy some garlic bread. I bought some garlic sticks, which were like long bread rolls, heavily filled with garlic. They smelled delicious. I would not have bought them, if I had known that Sofie was going to give me one of the large loaves, but still, I know I will enjoy it.

Then Jun dropped us off at a shopping mall, where I went to an ATM and withdrew some money, and repaid Sofie for the money she had lent me, and also the flight Manila - Davao that she had booked for me.

We looked for a map of Davao, but there seemed to be maps for every other city in the Philippines, but none for Davao. Never mind, we will find one later, I am sure.

Still in the shopping mall, we went to a food hall, where we had a delicious lunch, of traditional Filipino foods. After lunch we took a Jeepney that took us near to the Davao City Hall. Sofie wants to take me to a museum near there.

Over the road from the City Hall, is the San Pedro Cathedral. A beautiful church, with a roofline shaped like a huge boat. Then we walked on to a museum, just along the street. We had a tour guide, but he talked very quickly, and with a very strong accent, so I did not really understand much of what he said.

The museum seemed to be about the original tribes from around this area, and also the history of the Catholic Church in Davao.

We got a taxi back to my hotel, and Sofie helped me to book my flight from Davao to Manila and Manila to Guangzhou. It was easy. So, I will leave here on Monday January 31, and probably have to stay overnight in Guangzhou, before I can get to Zhaoqing, as I will land too late for the airport express bus.

Once I had my air ticket out of the way, we went to the front desk, to ask if it would be possible to move to a better room. We were shown a 'deluxe single' and although there was not much to justify the 'deluxe' status, it was much better than the one I had been in. So we went upstairs, packed up my gear, and moved straight down there. At least this room has two large windows, so it has light and air!! The new room cost 850PhP per night, another 100 more than the original. It cost me just over $20 per night, so a good price.

After Sofie left, I took my netbook down to the lobby, where I checked emails, etc, and had dinner of BBQ chicken, which was very tasty.

Back in my room, I found a TV channel from Australia. Australia Network, and they seem to have mainly ABC programmes, but some from SBS and even some commercial TV too. It was good to hear Aussie voices in my room!!

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