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From the smoking room at the Manila airport, the building looks like...

What a civilized smoking lounge!

My hotel room in Davao.

Our flight departed right on time, in fact we left the ground at 1am, so very good timing. I tried to sleep, but had no luck dozing off. I fidgetted around for a long time, and then finally gave up, and went back to reading my book.

We landed in Manila at 4.15, which was 15 minutes early. The lines were long, and slow at immigration, and it took about 30 minutes to get through, but collecting my luggage was quick and easy.

I was surprised to find Sofie waiting for me, when I exited. It was so good to see her. I had not expected her to be here to meet me, in fact I thought I would be catching up with her sometime before our next flight, but expected to have to spend some time by myself first!!

She came outside with me, so I could have a smoke, then a toilet break, and a coffee. Good to sit down, and have a quiet coffee. I was feeling very tired though. We were lucky to be able to check in early, for our flight to Davao. That was easy, but then going through, I was stopped, and my carry-on weighed. It weighed a lot more than it should, so we had to take a lot of things out of it, and check the rest in with the other luggage. I had to carry what I took out, in plastic bags, etc!! Made no sense, as it all went on the plane, and cost me no extra!!

I slept all the way to Davao, much to my surprise, but I was very tired. We had quite a wait for our luggage, as we were nearly the first off the plane. We quickly got a taxi, and headed in to town, and the Tower Inn, where Sofie had booked my accommodation.

The room was not exciting, but it was cheap, and at that stage, all I was interested in was a shower and sleep. I washed some undies, when I was in the shower, as I had no clean ones left, hung them to dry in front of the air conditioner, and fell into bed at about 11am, after setting the alarm for 3pm.

When I got up, I went and checked my emails, in the lobby of the hotel. Had a coffee and a corned beef sandwich. I talked briefly to Greg, but could not hear him well, so said I would call him back this evening. Also talked to Barb and Andy for a little while.

Sofie had planned to come back and pick me up for dinner tonight, but I called her, and said not to bother, I would find something, and just have a good rest. We arranged to meet at 10.30 in the morning.

Then I headed out for a walk around the block. I found a shopping mall with a supermarket, and bought myself some water, cans of coffee, some biscuits and a couple of Snickers bars.

I looked around for somewhere to eat, but could not understand the menus, so in the end I went back to the hotel, where I had a grilled pork chop with rice. I sent some emails, looked for Greg online, but he was not to be seen, so I sent him an email, saying that I was going off to bed, and would catch him sometime tomorrow.

Back in my room, I watched a bit of TV, a National Geographic show, about US bombing effectiveness in Irag, and in the story it said how their effectiveness was refined during the Vietnam war. This really disturbed me, and I turned the TV off!!

I find that I am quite upset, by the impact of war, particularly on Peter and other innocent Vietnamese citizens, who still live with the ramifications to this day.

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