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The pressure was on today as if we didn't get in some successful dives we would have to have an extra day in the water on Saturday. I quite liked that idea as we would get more time in the water but as luck would have it today's dives went smoothly.

By now we had pretty much cracked setting up the equipment and our Buddy checks before hitting the water. Bruce Willis Ruins All Films is the phrase we have been chanting mantra like to help us remember BCD; Weightbelt; Releases; Air; Final Ok.

Also mastered some of the more fun entries into the water - we flipped ourselves James Bond style into the water and did a somersault on the way down. Cool.

At our dive site today, Three Rocks we stayed in quite shallow waters so that our air would last long enough to complete all the skills that we didn's have time for yesterday.

Today was like being in Finding Nemo. The visibility was much improved at around 3m and revealed beautiful fish, sea urchins, coral all around. As we had mastered our bouyancy we were able to simply breathe in a couple of times to lift above rocks and coral.

Both dives were a complete success and we are now certified to dive to a depth of 18m anywhere in the world. Hooked on diving we are going to start our Advanced Openwater course tomorrow. This will allow us to dive deeper, at night and as a buddy team without an instructor.

Day 97 complete

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