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We were surprised to see that it had snowed another couple of inches, when we looked outside this morning.

We showered, dressed and made our way across the street for breakfast.

Jennifer called while we were eating and we made a stop to pick up a few items for her, at Walmart. I took advantage of that time to fill up the rental car with fuel.

We drove out to the farm and were welcomed with hugs from the grandkids.

Jennifer & Steve took the time to print out our boarding passes, for our flight back to Harlingen tomorrow morning.

The birthday party for Lauren was held in the game room and we all had a fine time.

Cathy Jo and David, with their two kids, Conner and Taylor, were also there. It is always nice to see these wonderful young friends again.

Jennifer, Steve, Colby and Lauren, made eight and then with Al & Gloria, Steve’s parents, and Marilyn & I, that made 14 in total. They are fortunate to have such a nice place to hold an event like that.

People played the many arcade games, some shot pool, like Steve and I. We played some close games but I had the feeling he could have won whenever he wished. LOL

Gloria, Steve’s Mom, baked some delicious cake, Al brought Pizza, and we took ice cream. Everything tasted great!

We played with the grandkids all afternoon and sure enjoyed our time with them.

We ordered some Chinese food from town and Steve drove in to pick it up, for dinner.

We hated to say “Goodbye” but it was time to go, so with hugs and a few tears, we were out the door and drove back to town talking about what a nice time we have had for the past couple of days.

We left a wake-up call for 5:00 AM and packed our suitcases for tomorrow. Now we have an early drive to St Louis and a flight to the 70 degree weather of the Rio Grande Valley, and the smiling faces of our friends, Ted & Sue.

With the memories of our time with the kids and grandkids, stored safely away in our memory bank, we say a sincere “Thank You” to our daughter and son-in-law, for a really good time in Missouri.

We face the trip home knowing that……………Life is Good!

P.S. We will be posting pictures for the past three days once we have time to get home and sort them out.

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