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Pyrenees Orientales first view

lots more lambs

sheep aren't the only animals having babies! Pyrenees sheep dog and puppies

shepherd princess

Vera's dogs

brebis fromages - ewe's milk cheeses

recovery ramble - just 5 mins walk from Vera's house in Roquefort-des-Corbieres

wind turbine ridge on other side of R-d-C ... one understands why...

Healthy Again Shepherdess - it's February! - what isn't shown is scent...

I guess getting sick is something that happens from time to time, regardless if you're at home or abroad. Thankfully, we were at least "at home" chez Vera, rather than on the road (or in a stranded train), when the illness struck. (Well, actually, we were on the road when it started with me, but we only had to pull over three times before we got home.)

I cannot remember that I have ever had such a violent, all stops pulled, gastro-intestinal attack. I'll spare the details. Thankfully, it was relatively short-lived (although a new attack every 15 minutes made those 5 hours feel like 25!). And thankfully, too, Kirianne's version has been much much milder. But it has put us out of commission for a couple of days.

So, after our first day here, when we actually took the sheep out, we've not been a lot of help to Vera. Day 2 was spent visiting another sheep farm where we were given a lesson in butchering technique. An interesting variance from how we deal with caribou: they make an incision in the skin at the ankle, insert an electric bicycle pump, and inflate the skin to loosen it!

The drive was interesting, too, as we headed south through summer resort country, with the Mediterranean Sea on our left hand and a magnificent view of the snow-clad peaks of the Pyrenees Orientales (eastern Pyrenees) on the right.

Next day we drove in the other direction, northwest, into the heart of the Corbieres and Cathar country, to visit another sheep farm where they make cheese. (Vera and the other shepherd raise for meat, but Vera is considering the cheese production angle.) It was on the return from this visit that the bug hit me. I stayed in bed the next day (yesterday) while Kiri went with Vera and spent the whole afternoon being a shepherd again. Then last night, she had her bout. So today, I'm staying home with her while she recovers. It gives me an opportunity to do some computer work. Hopefully we'll be back to earning our keep tomorrow!

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