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Our "fancy" Tongan table for our local feast and music!

Our entertainment for the Afternoon--Great warmth from all the locals

My bride of 27 years! She barely looks 27!

The Happy Tongan Couple!

Here you get an idea of Tongan luxury? see the background--this is...

This rock according to Tongan folklore is the wife of a seaman...

I am a happy Tongan!

One firedance in the top of the cave threw the lit spear...

These folks were amazing! No fear!

View from the steps leading back to the bus to go back...

Our bed after our stewardess got done decorating! Fun!

Cheryl and I spent our 27th Anniversary in the Republic of Tonga! We docked at the city of Nukualofa--and were transferred to the Ohiei Beach Resort where we spent the next 5 hours--enjoying a beautiful beach, drinking cold local beer called Naka, eating a traditional Tongan feast and finally a Tongan Dance show that included fire dancers inside a huge cave named "Hina" that were absolutely amazing! The highligt however, as a by product of the many dance lessons Cheryl has "invited" me to the last several weeks---we did the Tango on the Beach in Tonga for our 27th anniversary! Our fellow travelers got qot a huge kick out our performance! Truly a memory we won't soon forget! Tonga is an amazing island country--actally a series of over 180 islands! They have never been conquered or colonized by another country--a fact that sets them apart from every other South Pacific country! They are extremely proud of this fact! Our anniversary dinner was at the Steak House Prime Seven--amazing by itself--but on this night it was overshadowed by the 2005 Antinori Solaia we had waiting at our table when we arrived! Our room stewardess also had a great time decorating our room for our anniversary--I bet she enjoyed the set up much more than the clean up this am? All is well with us--we set sail for New Zealand tonight!

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