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The dinner table in the Ekman Garden.

Mrs. Ekman and Lek.

Me, Lek together with Mr. Ekman.

The garden.

Me and Lek.

The swimming pool.

The Hin Ngam Beach in Sichon.

A very last message to us from the Ekman Garden Resort.

4 February

Since Nakhon Si Thammarat hardly had anything more worth a visit or a longer stay. It is high time to go on. Very much thanks to Lek, we rather easy could find the small minibus station in NST. After a short wait, we were on the road heading north. Earlier I have written that I have not decided for where to go. Just before I entered the minibus, I finally decided to go to Sichon. Khanom and Sichon is booth situated along the road North of Nakhon Si Thammarat and in booth cases we had to go with the very same minibus anyway. After one hour of travel, the bus driver stopped outside of the food market in Sichon. The resort which I had in my mind, the very much Swedish name sounding, Ekman Garden Resort, turned out to be situated about 15 km south of Sichon. The only option to get there was to go with motorbike taxi. I have done it a couple of times before, traveling on a motorbike there the driver balancing my big bag between his legs, me on the back with the rest of my belongings. So, with two motorbike taxis hired, Lek and I finally arrived to Ekman Garden Resort. And yes, there is a Swedish connection; a Swedish-Thai family manages the resort. We checked-in and we got a very nice and functional room. Later in the afternoon the owner family showed up. Mr Ekman turned out to be full of stories and a never-ending source of information. Booth Lek and I felt very welcomed. A tradition that they have is that all guests having dinner at the same table, very familiar.

5 February.

On this day we stayed all the time inside the resort. Some time in our room, but most of time I spend in the swimming pool area and the neighboring bar and restaurant and all this surrounded with a beautiful garden with fishponds, trees and flowers and orchids. I also got a new friend, Bacon the family dog.

6 February.

During our stay here, Lek and Mrs. Ekman had became a little bit close friends. So Anna invites Lek to follow to the local morning food market in Sichon. I stay in room. In the afternoon Lek and I decide to go to one of the beaches of Sichon. Since the Ekman Garden is situated inland, we need a transport, which Anna and one of her brothers easily arranged for us. The Hin-Ngam beach was OK, maybe not Koh Samui standard, but fully acceptable. We had drinks, good food and I had a swim before we were picked up and returned home.

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