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hey ya i was just checkin ur page! I been doin great man! All my dreams are coming true. Since i returned to my tropical home i have had lots of time to devote to my yoga practice. I have been practicing playing guitar and meditating... im surrounded by fascinating books and meeting some very interesting and deep souls. thinking about what i want to invest time and energy into next. and making friends with harses (creole for horse) and taking the odd lesson with a wonderful horsewoman named Marjie (correct spelling?). spending quality time with the fam and making new friends, Including this wonderful man named Ty who i had a romantic adventure with. He gave me a book called the Celestine Prophecy and Helped me break down a few walls and build up my love foundation. He is an amazing person and i learned so much from being with him. His generous spirit will always stay in my heart as he journeys down to south america and kayaks/canoes/fridges it down the amazon river! i pray for his safety.

Today i just had a bonding chat with the Ice cream man in Placencia. I met him first when i was here in april when i was with sage and devon. He filled me right full of icecream. He makes the Best soy icecream in the world! (you cant even tell its soy unless you look for that specific accent), and He remembered me when i walked into his little store today!! He was very glad to see me and i even gave him a hearfelt hug because he looked like he could use one. It can be hard to find a bonding conversation in belize and he said i was one of the only he had had in Belize for a year or more! I was glad to listen to him tell me a bit about his life and this and that. I suggested the Celestine PRophecy to him because i think he would like it!!

much love, he is a good Spirit. This, i did not fail to tell him. We must be honest with those that we meet about how we feel and what we think to find all the messages they have for us!! and passing on the information that they need from us!. so i did that and gave him much energy direct from the universe as i have been practicing (so as not to drain my personal energy field).

YUp so there is a little bit of an update and i know its not much but be thankfull for what you GOT DAMMIT@!!$@#$#@

love you all so much , love myself so much, i love the world so much in all her wonder. Everything is wonderful Everything is Perfect. I remember that whenever i can and feel my way as best i can. its the best i can do.

and i aint really been feeling the charge to write much in here so you might not hear from me for awhile. All is well. Hope you are enjoying yourself right now.

ta ta

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