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So, on the 17th we grabbed a bus to Cancun via Chichen Itza - the world renowned ruins. We arrived to the ruins and were surrounded by vendors and people trying to convince us to do over priced tours aimed at the rich American tourists on day trips from Cancun. Even within the grounds of the ruins we were surrounded by vendors and horrified at how they had trashed the environment - just throwing their garbage into the jungle behind them. We walked around the entire site in under an hour and were pretty disappointed. Palenque and Teotihicuan are much better - no hawkers, no trash, qualified tour guides etc. After the stop we headed to Cancun where we spent the night (and enjoyed what was to be our last really hot showers for weeks) and decided to head straight to Isla Mujeres the next morning.

The 18th we were up early and trekked to the port to get straight out to Isla. We arrived mid morning and found a bargain Posada to stay at - Posada Suemy, our room even had ocean and sunset views and private bathroom. We spent the day lounging on the beach and drinking two for one cocktails.

The 19th we decided to do a snorkelling tour which our fab host (Suemy) managed to get us a huge discount for. We got some amazing photos of fish around the island and spent at least 4 hours just splashing around having a blast.

The 20th we hired push bikes - unfortunately they were not great bikes and there aren't bike paths. My bike had dodgy brakes and no gears but we stuck it out and cycled most of the way down the island and to the Tortuga farm - possibly the only place we found in Mexico that was interested in conservation. We decided to return the bikes about half way through the day after a few terrifying hours of riding on Mexican roads on bikes with bad brakes and no gears...

The next few days we spent playing beach frisbee, hanging out with the guys at the bar next door and eating delicious fresh seafood. The 23rd we got the ferry back to Cancun and got a bus to Playa Del Carmen.

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