Costa Rica 1/28/2011 travel blog

along the roads, fruitstands everywhere!

Our transport

The view from the Taxi


another view from above

jacuzzi on the balcony

a view from the balcony


butterfly farm




Lunch- Ceviche!

Quacamole & chips

waterfall trout pool


Mr. Roque on the balcony

Pura Vida!!!!!

To follow up from my previous entry:

The taxi took us back to the "Toucan" where we waited for our "transport"

Hector walked around and found a bakery, got us each a ham and cheese sandwhich and got back just when our ride arrived. We loaded up into another minivan driven by Carlos. We picked up a few passengers and we were on our way to the Peace Lodge where I had made a reservation for our last two days. The place was recommended by Jeff whose wife Tina also teaches at 24 hr fitness. According to Jeff this place is AWESOME.

The drive was going to take us about 3 and a half hours towards the San Jose Airport.

Then from there, we weren't sure what the plan was to get to the Peace lodge.

The first hour was the same type of rocky road, very mountainous and why does he have to drive so close to the edge??? Hector was in the front seat talking to Carlos and all I kept thinking is .... shut up and drive! The scenery calmed the nerves some and after an hour or so it turned into asphalt. another 1.5 hours to drop off some people and then it was just Hector, me and Carlos. Hector informed me that Carlos agreed to drive us all the way to the peace lodge... YES!!!! This was one of my worries.... not sure how we were going to get there, Hector came through again!

Carlos was not sure what he was getting into I'm sure. He'd never been to the Lodge before so he wasn't sure of the directions, we stopped several times and were able to make it in 1 hr 15 minutes. The roads were windy, through a few "towns" and we only stopped once to let some goats cross the street.

We were getting worried because it's raining and very foggy while we're driving 5 miles an hour on a road that was a mixture of clay,rocks and debris. Apparently this area was hit hard by an earthquake a few years ago and the roads are barely passible.

We finaly made it at 12:30 in the afternoon..... this place is AWESOME!!!!!!

I have found a new home... they're going to have to drag me away from here!!!!!

The lodge is gorgeous, waterfalls,butterfly farm, monkeys, pools, you name it and it's gorgeous!!!!!!

Our room...... AWESOME once again! Huge bed in the middle of the room, fireplace, balcony with a jacuzzi!!!!!! The bathroom....... bath with a waterfall along the wall.... then... my favorite... a waterfall shower next to it!!!

We walked down and some lunch at the bar, couple of well deserved Bavaria dark beers!!!!

Just reflecting on the last few days........ I needed that beer!!!!!


Don't worry, we're having a great time but I'm not sure if I'll be coming home... I'll have to send for the kids and grandbabies!!!!!

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