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Beach Day

You wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world-Grateful Dead

Wow, what a great couple of days we've had already. The ruin tours were lifetime events but we are, well, RUINED today! Nervously climbing over uneven ground for two days has clearly taken a heavy toll on us both. We are seriously getting old and today officially confirms that obvious fact. Whatever.

Well, whoever planned this trip was thinking ahead because today was slated for recovery. But heck it might take two days to feel completely right again. Through Trip Advisor (have you figured out I love that website yet?) I found a highly rated massage place right around the corner from the hotel. It's $50usd for 2 people for 1 hour and it's an outstanding deal. We indulged our sore muscles and skinned knees while laying in a beautiful garden courtyard. Sea birds chirping way above us we definitely had another ahhhhhhhhhhhh relaxing moment here.

To the beach! We grabbed a couple fishbowl margaritas from the hotel bar and laid our towels out to enjoy. And enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy... My biggest concern today was trying to figure out a way to stay lying down AND sip my margarita at the same time. Man, what a pain in the ass it is to sit all the way up to drink. Ugh! I'd kill for a bendy straw right now. Thank god I haven't lost my shaker of salt yet!

One margarita turned into many as we showered up and hit Shakedown St. for dinner once again. Just pokin' around, we found out there must be over 50 wonderfully different places to eat within walking distance. We've struck gold tonight at a little place called Draco's. Top notch meat & drinks with a total bill of 280 peso's (about $23usd!). We ordered the Mexican Special which was a variety of taco's, enchiladas, refried beans and rice with warm tortillas. Mmmmmmmmm. We are finding this groovy town to be a completely edible paradise even for super picky eaters like ourselves. Surprisingly, most of the Mexican cuisine is pretty basic. And we just love the concept of building your own warm tortilla with whatever you like. The ambiance here at Draco's is very chill, dare I say almost trendy/metro. We've heard 3 or 4 songs from The Cure while sitting here, merely confirming our correct choice to dine tonight. Fascination Street oozing from the speakers seems to fit this scene perfectly as we eat together al fresco. Just watching the vacationing world go by here is endlessly entertaining. We are really good at picking out the odd Europeans. Hey, it's an entertaining game to us... and affordable too!

We've stumbled back to home base now for the night. Every night we get back to the hotel, our cleaning person (Fidel!) leaves us a cute little towel animal on our bed. It's completely dorky, but we love walking in and trying to figure out what the heck today's towels are supposed to resemble. It's actually easier after a few drinks btw...

Right now I'm swinging on our patio hammock, smooth Cuban cigar in hand, listening to an incredible salsa band playing on the beach just next door. Damn, life is good! These guys sound mucho rico! If we had the energy we would be over there right now pretending to know how to salsa dance in the sand like typical drunken gringo's. Instead we save our complete embarrassment (you're welcome fellow Americans) and sit here to just listen and enjoy the moment. The singers high Spanish voice cuts through the background sea breeze and rolling surf like buttah... Life is so diverse and colorful.

And the stars in the sky here, oh man! I've never seen so many in my entire life!

The spiral light of Venus rising first and shining best. Crickets and cicadas sing!

How the heck can Mexico afford to power all the extra starlight up there? Ok, ok, enough. I just read this post back to myself. In 5 paragraphs I've referenced 1 Jimmy Buffett, 1 Cure,and 3 Grateful Dead songs plus wrote a really bad Mexican starlight joke...It's clearly time for bed... Buenos noches amigos!

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