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Our first glimpse of Bora Bora

Welcome to Bora Bora

Great scenery for breakfast!

The little town of Bora Bora

Feeding frenzy!

Glass bottom boat

Two starfish

The color is amazing!

Bungalow huts

Hilton Lagoon Resort - closed

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Feeding the fish

Hello Bora Bora! We have returned to the perfect vision of French Polynesia! You can identify every shade of blue from pale aqua to a deep inky navy, depending on the depth of the water, with craggy Mt. Otemanu towering above boasting its different shades of green as a perfect rainforest does. They say that the land is 7,000,000 years old (yes, 7 million) and it either arose from an active volcano or the God Ta’aroa when he created the island with a sweep of his hand. Bora Bora means “firstborn” in the Tahitian language so I decide that this island was indeed created by God Ta’aroa. Since there is no “B” in Tahitian this island should be spelled Pora Pora, but those are just details for this island that is just perfection. Like Moorea, this island is surrounded by a coral reef but has about 30 tiny islets with lovely beaches, coconut trees swaying in the breeze, and those splendid bungalows sticking out into the sea. Unlike Tahiti, this island has only white sand beaches (another reason to believe the God creation story). About 9,000 Polynesians call this idyllic island home and love to entertain visitors with music and dance. James Michener called Bora Bora the most beautiful island in the world and some say it was the inspiration for his book, Tales of the South Pacific. This island was also a strategic fueling station for allied forces during WWII.

Since it is Sunday, most of the little downtown shops are closed and the most famous restaurant/bar, Bloody Mary’s, is also closed. Darn! We had made plans with others to have lunch here.

We go on a glass bottom boat ride which is exactly like snorkeling only you don’t get wet. The coral and fish are beautiful and our boat captain dives into the water to feed the fish so that we can see many schools of different species.

This is definitely a spot that we would love to return to so that we can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the most relaxed lifestyle.

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