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It is so easy to slip into the lazy lifestyle here. We spent our final day lounging in hammocks and listening to the wildlife. We said goodbye to all our friends and set off for our trip to Medan as we fly out early in the morning.

It was a shock coming back to the city. We're definately more inclined to country life. Medan is a major indonesian metropolis and it's polluted, dirty and poor. It took us a good couple of hours to get through the traffic and smog. Udin came back in the car with us and made sure we got accomodation OK near the airport. The guesthouse was full so we checked in to the hotel across the road. It was GBP22 p/n for a deluxe double room and we didn't mind paying that at all. TV, hot shower and a pool is what sold us. After catching up online for a few hours we had to head out into the city to find a money change and get some dinner. We were only out for a couple of hours and that was enough. You can barely breathe from pollution, I got a headache after a few minutes. We had to walk part in the busy road and part on the pavement to get to our destination. The pavement was quite difficult to walk across as large paving slabs were missing, bareing the storm drains below. The last thing we wanted was to fall down into the sewage and the rats so the busy road seemed the best choice. It took us a good 10 minutes to find an opening in the traffic to cross the road and when we did, we had views of the polluted river and the shanti towns on it's banks. Maybe this is more like Mumbai than I thought.

We had dinner in Little India which is as it sounds. Streets laden with sari shops and Indian restaurants. We had a great dinner and found bliss arriving back in the santuary of our hotel. Feet blackened we scrubbed up and clean, watching TV in bed was heaven....

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