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Stafford Opera House - downtown Columbus.

If you can't read this, it's Circa 1886.

A little Columbus History. This was posted at the fire station.

Explains the log cabin in other picture. This was in the middle...

Alley Cabin info.

Alley Cabin. See other photos for explanation.

Some local history

Today, I was downtown actually looking for a barber - have to keep my curly locks in check you know. Wouldn't want to give the impression of a travelling vagabond!.

So, in the process, I ran across a few historical sites. I would have included a picture of the historic courthouse, but it was completely covered by scaffolding, as they are in the process of renovating the structure. Wouldn't have been much to see.

Columbus has a population of 3916, and as you could imagine, has plenty of history and historical features. A few of the older houses are quite picturesque, but there are also a lot of, shall we say, shanty looking houses as well.

This time of year there is not much color in the area - i.e. greenery - as the majority of trees are deciduous, and there are obviously no flowers to speak of, nor even green grass. Pretty much an earthy, brownish tone throughout.

The pictures offer a fairly decent explanation, but at the time I was writing this, (I'm down at the community building) I didn't have the correct brochure on the Opera House, so I'll finish that later. Okay, so after finding the brochure I had at the trailer, turns out it is the same one. So, sorry, that's it. All I know is that there is a monthly dinner show at this building.

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