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Celine and Jean seranading Rodrigo

Tchau Rodrigo

We hoped Rodrigo would come to bid us farewell in the Iguacu airport as he planned even though his flight would leave later than ours. We had our nose whistles ready if he came and Jean composed a song especially for the occasion. Some were tuning up,

and I was fearful with all that tooting that airport security wouldn’t think it was some kind of emergency and clear the airport! Jean cued us in on our “echo” part and we were ready.

Happily, nothing interfered with Rodrigo’s plans and he was at the airport for us to wish him farewell and thank him for his excellent instruction and assistance on our excursions. We did some toots and sang Jean’s song.

Farewell Song

Refrain: Sing “boo-hoo” now we sing “boo-hoo”

Echo: Sing “boo-hoo” now we sing “boo-hoo”

Verse 1:

Rodrigo Maia’s leaving now

So loudly sing “boo-hoo”

Now we cry and wipe the eye,

And so we say “adieu”.

Sing Boo Hoo! Sing Boo Hoo!

Think of us when you board the bus

And we will think of you.



Verse 2:

All our gratitude goes with you

Rodrigo, we love you.

We learned a lot about Brazil,

So this song’s just for you

Sing Boo-Hoo! Sing Boo-Hoo

Health and happiness by yours,

Good luck in all you do.



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