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Because France is not quite done with this excellent game of me having to adjust to something in my life every week I am here, this weekend brought another big change: a change of address. I changed host families this week, and now live with the Moulas family, in an even more central location.

The new house is really fantastic. I have two friends that have already visited, one called it a castle, and one called it a fortress. I have three keys to get into my house, and one of them looks straight out of the Secret Garden. The location is awesome, really close to everywhere we want to go out, and of course the life line that is the Metro. I think it even made my commutes to my universities marginally less, but I don't know because I haven't tried them yet. I was going to explore my new neighborhood all this weekend, but it rained all day Saturday and was cold and grey today. That didn't exactly stop me, but it did have a serious effect on my mood while I was walking.

The family seems really cool! They have two kids still at home, Geoff, who is 25 and Blanche who is 20. Both seem to be pretty busy kids, I never know when they are home and when they are not, but they are also very accepting of my presence and don't seem to mind when I show up. I watched TV with Geoff and found out he hates Rhianna (for no reason) and hung out with Blanche a little bit while she cooked some madelines. The parents, Dominique and Philippe, left for a week in the country yesterday, but came back today to have my first dinner with the whole family and because it was really cold. They are repairing a house in the country, which they really enjoy but has no central heating. Now that sounds like a problem. Dominique is an excellent cook however, tonight was quiche with zuchinni and goat cheese and a really nice soup. I think she is worried her children won't feed me, but Blanche seems all over it.

This weekend was not completely lost to the rain, I went to a contemporary art museum and another farmers market. The art museum was fun, although mainly because my friend and I made fun of the art the whole time. Contemporary art is lost on me, I apologize, I am a Philistine :) The farmers market was cool, it had a lot more than the typical produce and meat section. There were lots of vendors selling handicrafts and a guy from Anchorage, Alaska being a one-man-band. He said playing on street corners was better money that privately teaching English. I wonder what that says about France...

Anyway, now for another week of classes! It could almost be called a routine :) I love and miss you all, write me soon!

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