Mountains around Sedona

Mountains around Sedona

At sunset the reds are really pretty

Wonderful formations caused by wind and water erosion.

The towns theme for art is Javelina or Peccary. We found several...

everyone say, "Ahhhh".

Lei's and frills on a javelina!

Pickleball equipment

Wayne & Barbara Smith from Sacramento, CA our teachers.

we played our first day in nice weather

we found the game was fun

gives lots of areobic activity

gets the heart rate up and keeps it up

not a fast a tennis, just right.

While here we both have come down with colds and severe allergy attacks giving us some caution about getting out and about. Dave has been using the prescription topical cream, Carac 0.5% to treat actinic and basil cell skin cancers. He found that the toxicity had reduced his immuno abilities causing some breathing difficulties. Though, after a full three weeks of application his face is very smooth and not flaring up with sun spots and such. We hope our move next week to Sun City gives some relief to the allergies.

One of the other places we wanted to visit was Sedona. Since it is such a short drive to Sedona from the TTN Verde Valley RV Preserve we probably should have gone there more often. We enjoyed the day out, having a terrific lunch there. Our many followers know we look for a theme that some towns might have. In this case, Sedona has an art theme of Javelinas or Peccary. We found three such pieces at various businesses. All were quite cute and took on the flavor of the businesses sponsoring them.

We've wanted to learn how to play pickleball. Finally took the plunge buying our equipment, about $50 worth. Pickleball courts are reserved for play every day but Sunday at 10:00. We found experienced couple to teach us in Wayne & Barbara Smith from Sacramento, CA. They were very patient in their lessons for us. If they read this, we thank them for teaching us.

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