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Western Spirit in Sky with Bronwyn and Magali

A beautiful day to fly

A great landing

Landing site


The boys

Our great team

Magali, our western cowgirl!

The Western Spirit Team

One more group photo!

Today we are back on the weekend schedule and flying with the special shapes. We had a lovely breakfast after our pilots returned from the briefing and then headed to the field. Bronwyn and Magali were Jon's passengers today.

There was a great inflation and then a chase to Les Moulin. Just as the crew was pulling out of the crew team parking area, an elderly person tripped on the sidewalk and fell. Our crew having Marty, the ever caring a helpful person as well as two trained nurses, stopped immediately (backing up traffic) to help this lady. She broke her glasses and was really in a world of hurt. The Police were attracted by the traffic jam I was creating and came over to find out what was going on. They sent for a wheel chair and some EMT assistance. We reported to Jon about the elderly person tripping and he asked if it was Mike (not funny) and told him we were now on our way.

We have been followed during the event by several camera crews; one from Japanese televison doing a 1 hour documentary on this event and the other doing a 6 part series for German television on ballooning in different parts of the world (they started in Mongolia and have two more parts to go).

Jon landed in a very large snowy field just outside of Les Moulin and we were greeted by lots of neighbors and children. The snow was nice and crunchy so the balloon was put away dry (very important...no mud). We shared champagne right next to the propane station with Ludwing, a nice young man who has been our propane friend for three years. He and his mother are western line dancers here in Chateau d'Oex. Marty didn't realize that we knew Ludwig from years past. When he asked for a "special big Western Spirit pin" for his mother, Marty said "yeah right, kid!" Then I told Marty the story of Al Richards trading the Western Spirit shirt right off his back to Ludwig for a t-shirt a few years ago.

Tonight is the survivors party at the Landi with a slide show presentation. We are not chancing the food this year so we are having a lovely dinner at a great restaurant in Les Moulins..

More later.

Our dinner in Les Moulins was fabulous! When you order grilled "beouf", you are brought a wooden plank with an extremely hot large flat marble or granite stone. Your raw steak is placed on top of the stone and you get to cook it to your own perfect temperature! We then returned to the Survivors Party to watch the entertainment of the sword swallower and his assistant.

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