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Today was my first day at UTM- le Mirail. I haven't decided which name I prefer for the university, so it may be both of them for awhile. Stay with me folks :)

Le Mirail is a very interesting place. It's an actual campus, much more like an American University. However, it doesn't have the greatest reputation around Toulouse. This is partly because of the neighborhood it is located in (the roughest in Toulouse) and partly because when someone is asked to describe a typical Mirail student, the first adjective they come up with is "militant". Oy. Ok, they don't mean the gun-totting kind, rather that Mirail is known for going on all the time. They were on strike for three weeks last semester. However, this semester they say they are ok and there is no upcoming legislation that touches on lets hope for the best.

This morning my class started at 8:15, but I was so worried about being late, I got there a half hour early. Which is great, because a friend walked with me to class and she knew where she was going anyway. So we had all kind of time before class, and then we go in and it is a very small class of 10 people. It's a cool class too, History of Jews in France (more or less). The professor is very nice, very attentive to the three Americans in her class that don't understand all the words and dates. Four hours was a little rough, but it was my only class today, so I made it through just fine.

After class I went to lunch with a bunch of the Wash U kids, which was nice, if not conducive to meeting French kids. But after lunch I went to the room where international students hang out, and I talked mostly with two of the French students who are there to facilitate fun times. They played a bizarre card game but I think my humor crossed the language barrier! It was really exciting.

My next adventure of the afternoon was buying school supplies! I bought a French dictionary at the flea market that is in the Capitole square every Wednesday, that was awesome. And then I'm a school supplies were really fun. Once I got home I went on a ramble to see more of my neighborhood and I saw a bar called El Cubano that promises kareoke. Will I be hitting that up? Oh I certainly hope so :)

Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all!

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