Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

approaching the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra from east

Sonora pass in early June

around the pass

this gotta be the El Capitan. Climb on!

the falls are at full power

Half Dome

the river runs through it

The drive to get to Yosemite was longer than expected since the pass on the shortest route was still closed. (yepp. It could have been a short drive, but the nearest pass, that is "supposed" to be open in April was still closed in June. So we had to drive through Tioga Pass, a lot longer route. No complaints on the scenery, only that we lost half of the time that we were planning on spending in Yosemite. Charlie)

Rock walls and waterfalls (the waterfalls rocked :) Charlie) are nice, but the best was the bear running across the road (I was driving. My perypheral vision picked up something brown and big running towards the road. From the size I figured pretty fast that it was not a bunny. Charlie)

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