2011 Great Escape (from the cold & snow) travel blog

Winnie at Black's Tire with new shoes

Sunset along I95

Winnie at Camp Walmart, Manning, SC

I had to spend an extra day in Fayetteville, but Winnie's got a new pair of shoes and I've got a lighter wallet. It turns out the toe-in of the front tires was way out of wack causing them to wear prematurely. I learned an expensive lesson that it's cheaper to get the front end aligned every year than it is to replace 2 tires. I can feel the difference in how Winnie steers, now that the front end has been alinged. If you ever need tires or suspension work when you are in the Fayetteville area, Black's Tire Service is great. Friendly people, resonable prices, and free coffee while you wait.

I left Fayetteville about 1600 and had hoped to get to Pooler, GA near Savannah for the night. I drove until dark and decided to stop in Manning, SC at Camp Walmart. I don't like driving at night if I can avoid it. Hopefully I'll be in Florida tomorrow.

I think the cold weather is following me south. It was in the 50's today in NC, but the temperature must be in the low 40's here in SC. They're predicting temps in the 30's and 40's for central Florida this weekend. I sure hope it's warmer along the coast.

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