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Left new,six weeks ago !? It´s a rough road to down here.

Typical forest growth in Chalten mountains

A comfortable tree

Now this is crystal clear water

How´s that for a happy tree ?

A non-jumping toad/frog on Lidia´s glove thumb

Amazing what you can do with photo shop

Whatta view after 8 hours of hiking

Laguna Torre and glacier, and some dude

VW ` beetle` sized `pebbles` left by a ´gentle stream `

We returned to El Calafate after a week in El Chalten; low-tech Eden to `modern suburb`.

I guess there is a compromise/tradeoff to be accepted. Small is `natural`, but limited, while bigger gains while also losing. Bus ride, 1 1/2 hour, from Calafate, to the headwall at Glacier Moreno as well worth it - there were frequent `calving` of six story apartment building `bits` falling with distant gun shot sounds; the relative sound/size is not only indescribable, but incomprehensible. It looks and sounds `small`, but when you accept the relative size perception, you realize it is you that is small; the waves generated look to be about 10 feet high, but indeed are 30 plus !!

The natural beauty uncorrupted, at this point in time, reminds me of Alaska, though more innocent; we´ll see how long that remains. Note - Glacier Moreno is one of the few (only) glaciers worldwide considered to be `not receding`.

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