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Dear Readers,

First, a note of apology. I read back through my entries sometimes, and when I do I wonder why anyone would make it all the way through one. My stream-of-conscious writing really does lead to some run-on sentences. I will work on making it a little easier to read. And shorter...I do tend to ramble.

Ok, before you get excited, I have not actually jumped into any bodies of water in Toulouse. It's far too cold to try stunts like that. The title is a reference to the metaphor I have heard maybe ten times in ten days, that I need to jump in and not fear drowning. Well, I have been jumping in all over the place, so the title of "jumping into many ponds" made sense to me. Maybe only I find it funny :)

I had another class Wednesday morning at IEP, which was actually really good and much easier than my International Relations class. It is the first year class called "intro to International Relations" and I got to sit with one of the other American girls in my program. A nice french girl also offered to send me her notes, which will be nice. She is also in the class that I missed on Monday, and also offered her notes for that. I'm a little sad that I can't take the Intro to International Relations class. But I can't, I have another class at my other university, UTM.

Speaking of UTM, or le Mirail, I went on a tour of it Thursday! It is more of what I think of as a university, aka, more than one building. Nowhere near as nice as Wash U, but I remind myself it runs on public funding. We had a very nice guide take us around to all the departments we are interested in, because the way you find the schedule of classes at le Mirail is to go to the departments and look at posters put up. That is the only way. It is not online and it is certainly not all on one centralized website like Wash U has. Ok yes, so I'm being nostalgic for my university, but we have a very nice set up. Le Mirail was cool, I signed up for the club of ERASMUS students (foreign students) and tried to figure out my class schedule. Emphasis on the tried part. Classes will all be at the same time, no matter where you are. Grr. will all work out someday soon.

Directly after my tour of le Mirail I went to a party held by the ERASMUS club of IEP (my other university). That was really fun, I was talking to two French girls and one Spanish guy and all three of us could speak English, Spanish or French. It was excellent. Plus, I finally got to taste "gallet de roi" or King Cake, which the French usually eat at the being of the year but for some reason my family has never had. Odd, because their name is Gallet. Hardy har har.

I'm going to the Pyrenees this weekend! It's going to be so cool, my program is taking all of us to this farm house/ lodging house that we will have to ourselves in this village of 30 people. We are going to see how cheese is made and we were going to go snowshoeing but um, there is no snow. So we will go on a hike instead. It should be really fun! It will be nice and relaxing, according to the program supervisors. Do they realize they made a room of twelve girls? I hope they sleep far away from us...

I will try to get pictures up soon, and keep me updated on all of your lives, I miss you all!

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