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Packing is hard work

One of the storage containers

Lots of room inside

My sister and her husband took a truck load of stuff

Wes couldn't part with his car

Do we really need to keep these?!

The old farm pickup is going to Milleson Farms

I could really have fun with this much bubble wrap:)

Brian and Sunny took the little tractor

Getting a new roof

We had to move to the RV spot

Empty family room

Empty kitchen

No more pictures on the board

Empty store room

Bare pantry shelves

Empty dark room

Cleared out garage

and the quonset:)

We had so much stuff! How does one even accumulate this much? When we moved back to the farm, we combined three houses full of stuff. And since we had sold our businesses, we also filled up the garage and quonset with equipment, trailers, etc. It was a nightmare trying to sort through everything. Both of the kids said they didn't want anything, but when they realized we were serious, they changed their minds. They each took a set of china, lots of bedding and towels, cookware, pictures, old magazines, etc.

The biggest issue for me (and one I had put off til the last) was all of my Mom's photographs and slides. I had donated most of her darkroom equipment to the 4-H photography group, but I still had tons of slides and photographs. Many of them were old family photos we were reproducing. I finally kept one of the slide projectors, the slides and the family photographs. I will probably have time to sort through them while I am recuperating from my surgery in March. Hope so:)

It was very helpful for Shan and Myra to take the furniture etc. we didn't want. We were able to just leave it in the house. I had previously considered selling the house furnished anyway, so we didn't have to get rid of all that. We had lots of antiques we kept. The kids each took an antique rocker and we moved the antique dresser to "our room" at Sunny's. It finally dawned on us that we would not need the antique china cabinet since I had sold everything that went into it, so we took it to the antique shop in town. Hopefully it will sell there. Also all the crystal, silver, etc. went to the antique shop. Some of it has already sold:)

My sister came to pick up the bedroom set she wanted and managed to fill up their truck with a lot of other things. She is remodeling their farm house and will need extra furniture etc, so that was a good thing.

Once we decided to sell, I began to get rid of things. Wes, however, did nothing until we actually sold the house and had a move-out date. He was just beginning on his collections. We thought 30 days would be plenty of time. Boy, did we misjudge that!! It actually took us 2 months! We had purchased a storage container to put at our daughter's farm to store the things we wanted to keep. Wes decided to purchase another one to store the cars and tools in. I understand from others who have done this that we will keep getting rid of things every year until we finally don't need that storage container. I sure hope that is true! Most of what I kept were Christmas decorations, family photos and scrapbooks, and genealogy. It all needs to be sorted through and organized better.

I'm with Brian, our son-in-law, who says everything is for sale. Wes thinks he should save everything! Needless to say, there were some tense moments in this project:) We were joking that we would either be dead or divorced before we were done:)

I must say, Wes was very compassionate. I had a lot of tears. And he kept saying "we don't have to do this" and I kept saying "if we want to full time, we do". And even if we hadn't sold the farm, all this sorting and cleaning out would need to be done anyway. Both the kids have thanked us for doing it now and not leaving it for them to do. And - it has inspired other family members and friends to get busy on their "stuff".

It was a stressful project, but it is done! We have been liberated from our "stuff" :)

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