Anne & Tom in Florida 2011 travel blog

Sunrise over the Beach Campground

Our campsite at sunrise

An armadillo right near our RV

Sea Oats in the wind

Sea Oats at sunset

The beach


The last ray of the day

The first year that we had the RV, we took our time as we traveled south along the Outer Banks and eventually reached Florida. Fort Clinch State Park is just over the border from Georgia. There are two campgrounds in this park. Back in 2005, we stayed at the "River Campground" and launched our kayaks on the Saint Marys River that forms the border between Georgia and Florida. Last year, we tried the "Beach Campground" on our way home and fell in love with it, so we reserved 5 days and were not disappointed. While kayak launching is not permitted any more (due to liability), the weather was cold enough to make us happy to just walk the beach and soak in the beauty of the environment, watching the birds, an armadillo, and the shrimp boats as they ventured out to sea. We also dined on local shrimp caught by the shrimpers of Fernandina Beach who pioneered the industry.

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