Anne & Tom in Florida 2011 travel blog

7 AM leaving Webster

Visit with Steve & Lise

A frosty morning at the KOA

Brilliant sky

"Pedro Sez South of the Border"

Leaving South Carolina

It's 61! No need for a jacket.


Exploring Blythe Island Park

Ducks by the pond

I don't think there are any fish anyway

Oyster stew and biscuits

Our site at Blythe Island County Park - a gem to go...

Lunch with Uncle Billy who winters on Saint Simons Island near our...

The pond at Blythe Island. Image made with Tom's new Sony NEX-5...


A taste of Florida at the Welcome Center

Unlike last year's blizzard conditions, we are having a "January Thaw" with overnight temperatures in the high 30's. We hooked up the car in the afternoon of New Years Day and everything was packed including the refrigerator that was filled with frozen soups, stews, sauces, and Bolognese. It is always great to get into a new campsite after a long day of driving and break out one of these delicious meals.

We rose at 5:30 full of excitement to begin our trip with the aim to get on the road at 7AM - and we were only 15 minutes late! We even remembered to turn off the water (last trip we came home to a running toilet and an $85 water bill!).

The roads were quite clear and only a bit of salt spray got deposited on the car. This is the first year we are towing Tom's car and it will be so great to have it ready for us to go out and explore while leaving the RV in the campsite.

Our friends from the Zambia part of our African Adventure, Steve & Lise who live in Fairfax VA invited us to stop on our way down south and we made the 421 miles in good time. We had a wonderful time with them.

The next frosty night we stayed at a KOA near Fayetteville,NC and discovered that we had built in an extra "Snow Day" that we did not need, so we decided to try a new campground for two nights in Georgia. Blythe Island is a county park and turned out to be a gem with full services, cable TV and Wi-Fi! Blythe Island is near Brunswick and only a short distance from St. Simons Island where Anne's Uncle Billy winters. So we had lunch and a very enjoyable visit with him. As we left Georgia and headed for Florida and Fort Clinch we began to experience warmer weather during the day, but still needed the snuggy comforter on our bed at night when the mercury was still in the 30's. It almost felt "hot" as we crossed over from Georgia, stopped at the Florida Welcome Center, and had a glass of OJ.

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