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Ye Old Xmas Tree. Notice the ornaments are placed a bit higher...

Alexandria (sorry for the red eye)

Lily with new animals.

Megan and Jared hard at work (notice Jared's shirt)

Alexandria let Jared help her.

I'm sure Ryan and Dani really like this one!

Alex and her new dresses (way to go Grandpa!!)

Alex getting into it.

Lily must be enjoying something!

Alex getting ready for lunch.

Ah, ye old Xmas dinner. Megan, Jared, Steve and Dani (Ryan's behind...

Dani and Alexandria

Jared and the two cousins - Lily (whod doesn't look to happy)...

Alex looks "Christmasy".

Jared, Megan and Dani checking out the lights at the Dickinson City...

More lights. There was probably an acre of these.

Heading back to the car. Don't know where Ryan went.

Dani and Ryan. He always did like having his picture taken!

Lily at rest.

I think the bow does it for her, don't you??

Okay, one last look.

Happy Holidays everyone (okay, maybe this will be a little late by the time it gets posted, but what the heck, things move a little slower down here in Texas, don’t they??).

The boys’ families and I had a nice Christmas together. Ryan, Dani and Alexandria came down from Oregon this year, which we had planned several months ago. Melinda would have thoroughly enjoyed herself being around both granddaughters at the same time.

Since I was staying in my own home (i.e. trailer), they called me when they got up, so we didn’t have the early morning “wake up” call from any little ones quite yet. Alexandria is now 17 months old, and Lily is 3 months. Alex had the basic skills down to open her presents. Let’s just say she had lots of practice.

Jared wanted to maintain a couple of the old family traditions, so the day began with the light breakfast. Then we moved to the opening of gifts – one at a time.

Pretty much after that, it was time to begin prepping for the evening meal, while the kids (of all ages) tried out their presents – or took a nap!

Later in the evening, we all packed in the cars and went down to the local City park where there are a ton of lights and - theoretically - a chance for the kids to sit on Santa's lap. Unfortunately, the weather turned cold that day, and although we and several other people braved the cold, Santa didn't appear. He must have found a nice warm fireplace to sit in front of while drinking a cup of hot chocolate with his cookies!! So, we packed up everyone and headed home.

All in all, it was a nice day. Melinda’s absence was met with varying degrees of sentiment, but we all made it through okay. Her memory lives on in all of us, and her influences will certainly be felt from time to time.

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