The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

From Near the First Pass

The Road Ahead

Mountain View

Decending From the Last Pass

A Typical Section


There are no words that I can come up with to describe today’s bus trip, but I’ll try. Frightening comes to mind. It was much scarier than the Via Ferrata if that might give some idea. The bus left Cajamarca at five thirty AM bound for Celendin, I slept through that portion. It took 3 hours to there and after an hour layover I caught another one headed for Chachapoyas. We headed north on a dirt road that was about as wide as the bus. There was an occasional wide spot so if we encountered oncoming traffic the lucky one would have a place to back up to. After 45 minutes we crossed a 10,000 foot pass and then descended to tropical valley floor. The decent was 2 hours of switchbacks and most of the way down the road was carved into sheer cliffs. It was much the same going up the other side, except it was higher. Black Mud pass reads in at 12,000 feet. From there we are looking back down to the Maranon River 2 vertical miles below. To cross the valley from pass to pass took 4 hours. From this pass we descended 32 km to the village Leimebamba and up the valley to Chachapoyas. It was 12 hours of the best bus ride that I have ever been on.

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