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This area seems to have it all. Not only does it have the weather, the beaches, the natural beauty and the history, but it’s got some of the nicest cities too. Our site was very well placed for day trips out to both Cadiz and Jerez.

First was Jerez, and I have to say I loved this small, manageable city. It felt about the same size as York, as far as the city centre went, so it was easy to walk around, and it’s got a great feel to it. We parked up easily enough, and went wandering, along little cobbled streets, into pretty squares, past ancient buildings, and it reminded me very much of Havana. Or rather, you can see why Havana looks the way it does, knowing the conquerors of Cuba came from places like this. We found a great little artisan market place, where lots of local people had got together to open little shops in an indoor market, which sold some great stuff, including coffee and cake (of course). After that we decided to split up (just for an hour or two!) and I went to look at some historic places and Nick didn’t.

Jerez of course is known for being the home of sherry, and there are lots of sherry bodegas around with tours etc, although we didn’t go in any as we had the dog. The Alcazar fort was very impressive, as was the cathedral, but all in all it’s just the atmosphere of the place, and the fact it’s such a pretty city.

We had to take care of more mundane things in Jerez, too, as the van needed a service, so we went to the VW garage and managed, with the help of the phrasebook and some interesting mimes, to book it in for a few days time.

Cadiz was another lovely city, with the old city placed right out on a promontory in the sea, very strange but very beautiful. Another city that is great for wandering, stopping for coffees and tapas, and also trying out churros, which are like donuts but in long strips. Absolutely gorgeous, totally bad for you but so tasty.

Cadiz also has the great beaches, which line the entire causeway you have to drive over to get to the old city.

We returned to Jerez a few days later with the van, and were lucky enough to get an inspection mechanic who spoke a bit of English so it was a little easier. We went back into Jerez for a couple of hours, and when we came back the van was ready, the book was stamped, and they gave us a complimentary umbrella. Rain? When? What do they know?

This rounded off our stay in the area really well, and then we were off again, this time inland to Cordoba.

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