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another beach

just a few feet from the waves

Fire aunt nest (but not close to our home on wheels)

gull on the beach

lots of birds for Beth

So the next day we headed further south again. The drive took us west along the shore road on Galveston Island and over a toll bridge to the next island that had little development and much of it were very old homes on stilts. That lead us a large bridge in the Barzoria community filled with more petro chemical plants and then back into the country a rural road short cut rather than the main highway. Lots of rural scenery and few towns or stop signs, but no places to stop for lunch. We eventually had lunch in a post office parking lot. We reach our next destination – Magnolia Beach – for some more free beach camping. This was sand/shell beach was not on the ocean, but on the inner lagoons. But still there is nothing like camping 15 feet from the water. The water was like glass and the sun was out, but not as strong as the previous day.

We enjoyed a lovely evening while a group of “young” people set up a bon fire about 200 feet further down the beach and set off fire works for about 2 hours. It was an amazing show which should have cost a small fortune. The show stopped before 10:00 and most of them left.

January 8, 2011

The wind started in the night and became quite strong. It was a bit chilly that morning so Steve baked corn-bread muffins again. There is nothing better than corn-bread muffins with melted butter and homemade jam. The oven also helped warm up the motorhome without having using the furnace. The group from the previous night had left beer bottles and the remains of the fire works on the beach, so we got out the large garbage bags and started the clean up again. We then went for a drive to visit the small ghost town a short drive to the south. Indianola was a much larger town more than 100 years ago, but after 2 hurricanes devastated the town 12 years apart, the residents gave up and moved away. All that is left is the original plan of the town and a couple of monuments to note the history of the town. There is also a small collection of beach homes that we are sure are only used for fishing. We came across a large group of shorebirds including many Roseate Spoonbills. We did not have binocs or our birding books. We have learned our lesson and will not leave home without them again. Now we have everything pre-packed in a backpack by the door.

That night brought another kind of light show – a large thunderstorm passed over our area for about an hour with high winds and lots of lighting. The lightning flashes seemed to come from a strobe light gone mad. We were both a bit nervous so we pulled in the slides and did not have a good night’s sleep.

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