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Monday, January 10, 2011

I heard the anchor being lowered about 6:45 am, that’s when immigration came aboard to inspect passports. We were not moving again until about 10:30 am when a pilot came aboard who will take Discovery through the river passage.

We are experiencing some very unusual Brazilian rules. While we are in Brazil only Brazilian Tourism can present anything relating to Brazil. All lectures about Brazil are blocked out, both by Discovery and Road Scholar. Employees of the ship (not the crew) are not allowed to wear their name badges indicating their jobs (I have no idea for what reason). It’s a good thing Charlie was able to get in as many lectures as he did. So instead of lectures, we are seeing movies. “Return to the Amazon” a Jean-Michel Cousteau documentary was as effective as any lecture showing the Amazon and its abundance of plants, animals and fish that is being threatened by logging, agriculture and cattle grazing. When I left the movie I was able to see land on both sides of the ship.

At 11:30 am there was a reception for repeat passengers on Discovery. The MC apologized because he was not able to be in uniform or wear his badge (Brazilian rules). He gave some promotional facts that Discovery was rated the ship with the best lectures (I don’t know how that was determined), also more than half of the passengers have been on Discovery before. He gave bottles of champagne to the ones who had the most cruises and about 6 people had more than 20.

There was a lunch for singles which was well attended, not surprising considering how many singles are on board, not only from Road Scholar but the rest of the ship. There are a number of activities to accommodate singles, especially when there is dancing and gentlemen hired by the ship dance with single ladies. And some of the music hasn’t changed. I usually work on my blogs in an area above the dance floor and I can almost anticipate what is going to be played next; the music is the same as the last cruise. But it is very listenable and danceable.

I’m looking forward to the next couple of days where we’ll be experiencing first hand the majesty of the Amazon.

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