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Friday and Saturday we spent our time in Madrid, the capital of spain, very city like. Mostly we spent time getting to know the people in our group, which is a lot more than I expected, like at least 50, and touring the city. Yesterday we went to El Prado and La Reina de sofia, both of which are museums. It was interesting seeing all the art I've been taught about for years in my spanish class. We saw works by Valasquez, Picasso, Dali, Grecco, and so many more. In the extra time we are usually eating or taking siestas (my new favorite thing). I'm still getting adjusted to the time change and different lifestyle. For now it's been mostly tours, which are kind of boring, but getting to know people and exploring the cities are interesting.

Today, Sunday, we are in Toledo, it's a smaller city with a lot of history and has more of the old spanish look you'd think of a city in spain having. We did a 2 1/2 hour walking tour which was exhausting (thank you plantar fasciitis). Tomorrow we are taking a 8 hour bus drive to Barcelona where we will meet our host family. Mine consists of a 62 year old woman who is a designer.

I'm still catching up on sleep and working on getting healthy after having a cold the day before I left for Spain. I'm just ready for some routine, which will hopefully start after tomorrow. That and classes start Wednesday, so no down time in Barcelona. I think I'm really going to like Barcelona, it is by far the most interesting city from what I've heard. Most of the home stays have wifi, so I'm hoping I'm one of them. Hopefully I'll be able to find a time that will work well to talk to you all back home.

For the most part I'll add pictures on facebook, I can only add so many on here and I don't have as much time to do both.


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