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Boarding the Zodiacs

Zodiac ride to the Island

Cary & Elizabeth

Zodiac landings

Doing the penguin shuffle

The Penguin Pose

Gentoo Penguin rookery with highways

Coming and going on the penguin highway

Hey buddy, Keep your head up, it´s not so bad here

Returning to ship on the zodiacs

Crossing the Drake Passage, is a rite of passage. The turbulence of the water sends everyone to get motion sickness pills or patches from the ship´s doctor. But, once you cross the Passage, you enter a pristine land (or should I say ice and snow land) where there is no human presence. The landscape is so different from anything I have ever seen... Time seems to stop and we become aware of tiny points in the sky or the ocean: Albatrosses with a wing span of 3 meters, penguins and dolphins swimming in the ocean, islands covered with snow...

I think of the people who navigated this far south without modern conveniences and technology and admire their valor. Elizabeth and I make sure we have sufficient layers of clothing before we go on our first excursion. I feel intimidated by the wildness around me. After the second outing, we are pros: Dress in layers, wear life jacket, disinfect boots before boarding the zodiacs, stay seated during the rides, hold on to the ropes on the boats. Once we are on land, the sight of penguins (hundreds of them) caring for their eggs, transports us to their world. We do not get tired of observing this cute birds. Son de lo mas graciosos!

The sky is grey, the wind is howling, it is cold, but our hearts are warm and delighted to be here. I think of Brodie and Isaiah and wish they were here...they would enjoy seeing the penguins in action.

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