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Thursday, January 6 & Friday, January 7, 2100

Dear Friends,

Some of you were on my update list from my trip through Southwest Asia as a request from friends and family of others that were on the same trip. If you would like to be removed from my update list, please let me know and I will delete your name. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of this sooner.

Thursday was a gloomy, overcast day with a good rainstorm that doused the Lido deck, that’s the top deck where we have our buffets. The sea was quite rough with high waves. I decided to attach wrist bands that are designed to combat nausea. This is an elasticized ribbed band with a button that is placed with the higher part of the button on the wrist about where you’d wear your watch. The pressure that it exerts is supposed to do the trick. Even with that, I didn’t have a major problem, but felt a slightly queasy and didn’t have much appetite at dinner.

Charlie Flesch gave two lectures, one at 9:00 am, another at 1:00 pm He talked about the geography and climate of South America in the morning, and the Amazon Forest in the afternoon. We are fortunate having a very well-prepared and knowledgeable presenter. He uses PowerPoint very effectively with a lot of information to back up his talking points.

At 11:00 am I joined the chorus. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Simon Dunbavand is the same director that I was with last year about this time. We rehearse when we are at sea and in a few weeks we have a program that we present to the ship’s audience. I was part of three different choruses on my last cruise. One of the songs we sang on the last cruise was “Crossing the Bar” about the danger encountered when a ship has to be piloted across a bar in the sea and now I know why we are not going to go to the mouth of the Orinoco River because “crossing the bar” would be too dangerous. The songs we’ll be singing will be sea-related and some will have music related to the country, this would be Brazil.

Before our dinner at 6:15 pm there was a Captain’s Reception, so formal dress was required. There are all ranges of “formal”, and I didn’t see anything that would be strictly in that category. We get to meet the captain and have champagne and canapés while a band plays some background music. Then the captain is introduced and welcomes us and then he introduces the chief members of his staff. He has to do that twice, once for our early seating and once for the late seating. I enjoyed a lovely shrimp dinner, but skipped dessert. I turned in early hoping to get up fresh tomorrow without being queasy.


It worked! I had a great night’s sleep, the wrist bands seem to be working, because I feel just fine. It helps that the sea is a little calmer today.

Our day is pretty much a repeat of yesterday: two lectures and choir rehearsal.

Valerie is our group leader who was also the group leader on our Southwest Asia trip. She is absolutely great: personable, sensitive, and extremely capable. Valerie hosted a party for our Road Scholar group before dinner tonight. We have all become pretty well acquainted, but this is something Valerie has been doing at the beginning of every cruise segment and it’s another way to know each other better. The Captain and some other officers were also at the party. We had our own little room where we were served wine and canapés.

I ended my day watching the movie “Eat Pray Love”. The story was rather shallow, but the scenes took place in some of the places I visited: India, Rome and Bali.

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