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Dec 27

We awoke in quiet darkness, ahead of the alarm. After dressing, we all slipped pyjamas into the bags and started loading them in the back of the car. Al Barr arrived to help us trek four of the bags that wouldn't fit in the Peugeot 807. a last look at Lagahe in the early dawn and we were on the road to Toulouse airport. Dropped the bags off, returned the dented Peugeot to the designated point. Check-in went well as we loaded nine fully laden bags onto the conveyor belt. Unfortunately, they could not be checked all the way through to NY. We would have to pick them up at Charles De Gaulle 2F and carry them to Terminal 2A, a not so leisurely 10 minute walk. Given we had only two hours between the scheduled arrival in Paris from Toulouse and the departure of the New York flight, there was little margin for error.

That margin was cut when the plane out of Toulouse departed 20 minutes late. Still, we arrived in Paris an hour and forty five minutes prior to our scheduled take off for NY. However, we didn't anticipate it would take 45 minutes for our bags to arrive from the Toulouse flight. The NY flight was scheduled to depart in one hour. We each grabbed a couple of bags and started running to Terminal 2A. It was further than we expected. Cath made it to the check in counter first, and by the time the rest of us arrived, the woman behind the counter was shaking her head. Not a good sign. We all got to the counter, with sweat beading our brows. I suggested that maybe the flight shouldn't close until 45 minutes prior to departure and that we should probably be allowed to check in. Fortunately, a supervisor from the check in team agreed with me and he arranged for a "portable" customs officer to undertake our immigration process as we checked the bags in. Then, another hiccough. The children had been issued new passports prior to leaving Australia and we had not registered them with ESTAR, to allow entry into the USA under the visa waiver program....oooops. Their boarding passes could not be issued without this registration.

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