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Jerry, Debbie and Dave on "walkabout" on their property.

Pair of red tailed hawks followed our moves

This is the view from the restaurant where we had lunch on...

White pelicans were swimming about.

At 9:00 a.m. we were ready to go to our next destination, Lake Worth, Florida in Palm Beach County. We were anticipating the warmth of south Florida. However, we had a side trip planned to see some neighbors of ours who live in our association in Marion.

Dave Koshiol and Debbie Druan had an RV too and spent some time in Florida for two years. Then, last year, they decided to buy a piece of property including a house in a small town, Oak Hill, which is between Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral.

We planned to spend a few hours with them and then head south to our next campground. We left Forth Wilderness and headed east. It was time to fill up the gas tank in the motorhome. Gas has edged up to over $3.00 since we filled up last time but that’s the way it is! Finding a gas station that we can navigate in and out without sweating is not always easy. Our train of RV and car is 75 feet long and we cannot back up.

We have a book that tells us what is at the exits on Interstates but we couldn’t find anything on I4 for large rigs so we drove a little farther and found a 7/11 station that worked for us. Another $194.00 on the credit card. We not traveling anywhere near as much as last year, and we hadn’t filled the tank in three weeks, so that is not too bad.

We drove for another 90 minutes to Debbie and Dave’s house. They have 3 ½ acres and are doing a lot of work on the house to get it in shape. The land has many different kinds of trees and vegetation and evidence of wild hogs who have burrowed through the area.

We saw a pair of red tailed hawks flying about as we walked around their property. Then we got in their truck and drove to the inland waterway and had lunch at a waterside restaurant. I ordered fish and chips and Jerry had fried oysters. I liked what I ordered though the fish tasted a little different than home. I asked the waitress what the fish was and she said whiting.

After lunch, we had to drive back and get in our RV. It was fun seeing Debbie and Dave and their Florida home, but we had to keep going. We don’t like driving and setting up in the dark and we had a three hour drive on I 95 to get to our destination. At 2:15 we set out and had an uneventful drive to John Prince Park Campground in Lake Worth, which is just south of West Palm Beach. We have a site on the lake and it is beautiful. I’ll share more about it in my next entry.

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