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A year ago today Tom fell and my life and the life of my sons was forever altered. Our family began a three day vigil, hoping against hope, that that fall would not be a fatal blow.

What started out as a journal of our RV adventures has now become a place where I can put down my thoughts and feelings since Tom's death. It has been a journey of a different kind - traveling to places in my heart and mind that I didn't know existed. The range of emotions - pure joy from wonderful memories to the depth of despair at the loss of my unbelievably patient and loving husband - has been a surprise. I wouldn't have thought it possible to experience and survive that much happiness and pain almost at the same time.

I spoke to the boys today. We all agree - a year isn't nearly enough time . We weep - we comfort each other. We are still finding our way but - thank God - we are traveling this road together - always able to reach out and support one another and that is a true blessing.

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