Are We Crazy? lets find out...... travel blog

YO it is I.

just checkin in for any who may still be watchin.

Im listening to Sizzla - Give me a try

Happy new years BTW. hope yall had fun. I celebrated two new years this year and both were over the top MAD awesome. things are good. i just bought a guitar today actually. SO thats new. i honestly cant right any more than that. sorry. this is prolly a let down but my eye hurts. I was checkin out a friends bee hives and got stung right under my eye! that was yesterday. its a bit swollen but not too bad. it just is a dull itchy pain. I lukcily didnt get it as bad as my friend tariq who had one stung right pon his hair head. he didnt take out the stinger right away and this mawnin he woke wit his face all puffy! poor kid. he looked like a bloated chinese with a hint of justin beber!

ok love you all. all is love

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