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Our home for a week

Some shots of the neighborhood


This guy drives his car around the park every other day

Nice paint job on this trike

Pioneer Park

A little history

A shade tree near the camping area

1914 Wood Burning Baldwin Locomotive

Nice engine

A little detail of the engine for my step-dad :>)

Old Post Office

Downtown Wauchula

Restored train depot

Hiking path

Very jungle-like paths

This lady was panning for fossils and whatever she might find...said it...

Took this picture with my iPhone...there is turtle on the log on...

and used a new app called Camera+ which gave me zoom capability...gets...

Snake across our path

A little closer shot of the snake

Really knarly tree

Wonder who lives in here

Nice little hike

We are now just outside of a town called Wauchula at the Peace River Thousand Trails Park. Once upon a time Wauchula was know as the Cucumber Capital of the World. Today, citrus is it's main crop.

It is home to the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, a residential therapy facility for people who have suffered debilitating brain trauma. It is also home to the famous or infamous "Baby Swap" fiasco in 1978. I think there was a movie made about it in the early 1990's.

There is a nice county park nearby called Pioneer Park which has camping with E/W for $25 a night. There is a small museum, a 1914 Wood Burning Baldwin Locomotive and old buildings dotted at one end of the park. The museum was closed the day we visited.

Highway 17 runs through Wauchula and close to the Peace River offering many access points. I was surprised to see so many RV parks between Wauchula and Fort Myers because the area has a lot of citrus farms. The Peace River is popular for fishing, canoeing and flows it's way through Southwest Florida for 106 miles. Hurricane Charley hit Wauchula in August 2004. 85% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed. The town is slowly restoring some of these buildings.

We are visiting the area to stay at another Thousand Trails Park that is within the zone we recently purchased. This park is very big and busy. Lots of activities, boat launch for the river, swimming pool, etc. The sites are all 'Florida' grass and really big, double wide and long. The roads are surfaced but could use some maintenance (quite a few pot holes).

There is a nature trail that runs along the Peace River. Not a real long hike, but long enough to keep a lookout for alligators and snakes. We never ran into any gators but we did run across a snake. We are not sure if this was one of the poisonous ones or not. I am just glad JC was on his game and spotted it slithering across the path.

We will be staying here for a week then move 4 miles to the Escapee park. We plan to visit every Escapee park in our travels. I know it sounds a little silly to move such a short distance. But, if you don't actually stay in a park, you really can't get an accurate reading of the park.

Our next move in our Florida adventure is back to the Orlando area to a park called Deer Creek. We purchased 10 days worth of Disney World tickets to be used anytime. We have only used 4 and want to spend the rest. We will also be making a day trip to Tampa for the Super RV Show and a mini-rang with the RV-Dreamers.

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